Our company has been operating since 2002. Since then, it has undergone a number of organizational and ownership changes. The current owner of the company are Maciej Bartoszewski and Zofia Wawrzyniak.


Trans Kontrol is a company that was established by a team of specialists to ensure the highest standards in ticket inspection services in means of transport. Our vast experience in this field allows us to offer a personalized service to our clients. Due to our ability to adapt to the situation, we can offer our clients services that are appropriate to their needs. We are mobile. We can open our representative office all over the country. Thus, we can provide perfect services for everyone. We focus on developing and delivering personalized, flexible solutions that meet and exceed our customers' expectations across our range of services.

Customer care and satisfaction is our primary goal. Our main priority is to provide efficient and hassle-free ticket control services related to their high standard of performance.

All ticket inspections are preceded by planning, and during the implementation of tasks, we coordinate the work by adjusting the order to individual needs.

Our Vindication Department controls the payments of punished persons. We also have our own Disciplinary Proceedings Department, which increases the quality of our services.

Caring for the good name of our company is caring for the good name of our clients, which is an indispensable element in our work.


Our company applies the principle of tolerance and respect for the different views, behavior or appearance of people. Therefore, we accept all people to work as ticket inspectors, regardless of their appearance disabilities or regardless of age. The most important for us is the willingness to work, commitment and appropriate predispositions as well as health enabling the performance of this work.

Unfortunately, this attitude causes that many people do not like the fact that the controller is older or has a face like that. However, please remember that not everyone can be handsome, pretty or suit all passengers with the degree of "beauty". Not everyone is young either. However, all such people also need to exist in society and have to work if they want to.

That is why our company is tolerant, we do not discriminate on the basis of age, appearance, health (if there are no contraindications) or similar features. And perhaps it seems strange that we are writing about it, because such an attitude should be widely used, but in practice we often encounter profanity directed at such people. The controlled persons, unfortunately, also show their reluctance towards such employees.

Education is also irrelevant to us. Why can't people with lower than secondary education be good ticket controllers?

In fact, whether a person is suitable for a controller or not depends only on the individual predispositions of each person, and not on education, appearance or age. That is why we give each person a chance and set a trial period. Most often, during the initial training, we find out whether a given candidate will cope with the job. However, this type of attitude is often badly perceived by a large group of society.

However, all the above-described and negative attitudes are alien to us, and the most important thing for us is that the controller has the necessary features.


neat and well-groomed appearance (clothing)

strong motivation

resistance to stress



avoiding violence and aggression

ability to cope with verbal aggression on the part of controlled persons

ability to deal with unjustified complaints and slander

The owners Trans Kontrol Maciej Bartoszewski and Zofia Wawrzyniak


Have you ever wondered why our logo is dominated by lovely animals?


As it is commonly known, ticket control and inspectors, unfortunately, do not enjoy much social sympathy. Well, but someone has to do such work. Unfortunately, we have this "unpleasant" duty for some. However, we believe that the control is not necessarily so bad. Some people believe that controllers live with passengers like "dog with cat". We believe that even if this is the case, or if this is the feeling of the community, then these two nice animals do not have to be unpleasant or hostile towards each other. After all, we also act on behalf of all those who buy tickets honestly and do not mind traveling on the "stowaway".

Our pets