WARNING! When submitting a letter regarding an e-claim, it is mandatory to provide your current address of residence as well as correspondence and PESEL number in order to properly verify the person

If you receive a lawsuit for the payment of an additional fee (s), you must comply with the information provided in the letter by the Court. You must pay the amount indicated in the Payment Order in the writ proceedings within the time limit indicated therein.

Failure to meet the deadline or lack of payment will result in the case being referred to the locally competent bailiff for the purpose of vindication. You have to calculate the interest yourself, you can use the statutory interest calculator.

Statutory interest calculator

Each payment is first booked as follows:

  1. interest
  2. power of attorney costs
  3. court costs
  4. additional fee

In the event of underpayment, there will always be an overdue for the additional fee subject to further enforcement, including by the bailiff.

Failure to comply with the order for payment or raising an objection will result in additional costs related to court proceedings. The additional cost of legal representation in the case of court proceedings is at least PLN 120. Court costs may also be higher depending on the amount of the claim.