WARNING! When submitting an appeal, it is mandatory to provide the current address of residence as well as the correspondence address and PESEL number of the punished person in order to properly verify the passenger


  1. Deadlines for submitting appeals: 3 months (from the date of the event) - for imposing an additional credit fee (the date of receipt of the appeal or the postmark). An appeal submitted after this date shall not be examined, regardless of its merits
  2. Appeals may be submitted by letter, e-mail or in person
  3. Filing an appeal does not suspend payment deadlines. It is recommended to make the payment within the indicated period, even in the event of an appeal. In the event of a negative response to the appeal submitted, additional costs may arise (e.g. interest, vindication claim). The case may also be referred to vindication or to the court
  4. The time for considering the appeal is up to 30 days
  5. In the event of a repeated appeal against the received decision issued by Trans Kontrol, the letter will remain unanswered, unless its content gives rise to new circumstances justifying the submission of another appeal.
  6. In order to file an appeal or complaint, you can use our template:
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This is a fee that is usually imposed in exchange for an additional credit fee (only in the case of a reasonable fee). If the entitlement is documented (e.g. for free or discounted travel, or after presenting a valid personal ticket), the additional fee is canceled within 7 days of the event, and a handling fee is imposed in return (provided that it is permitted).

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If the payment is not made within the prescribed period (see the instruction on the Additional Fee), statutory interest and other costs resulting from legal provisions are added. In addition, the summons may contain a summons to pay the vindication claim, i.e. the amount that the vindication company has collected as remuneration for carrying out vindication activities.

Vindication may be outsourced to an external vindication company. In the case of unsuccessful recovery, the case is referred to the locally competent court, and after obtaining the payment order, in the event of failure to settle the obligation, the case is transferred to bailiff proceedings.

legal basis


The fee (and its nature) Description
Handling fee (statutory) The amount of the fee is determined by the given Carrier
Installment service costs (contractual) 30% of the debt value
Request for payment costs (resolution or the like) These are the costs specified in order regulations or the Transport Regulations of a given carrier or in other legal acts established by the authorized local authorities
Fee for a complaint against ODG (conditionally returnable)
Applies only to CASH PAYMENT - paid on the spot at the controller (see complaints)
PLN 20 paid in advance, returnable in the event of violation of the law by the controller)
Recovery claim (claim)* Dependent on costs incurred as a result of vindication by external companies. If such events have occurred and caused damage to the property of the Creditor, then the Creditor files a claim for damages. The claim will be specified in the request for payment
Type of activity Deadline for action
Transfer of the case to a debt collection company After 14 days from the date of the event (imposition of an additional fee). Warning! A vindication claim may arise
Pre-trial or information summons about the sale of debt After 60 days from the date of the event (the date the additional fee is charged) or at a later date
Transfer of the case to court (lawsuit) After 180 days from the date of the event (the date the additional fee is charged) or at a later date
Transfer of the bailiff's enforcement case After 30 days from the date of the court judgment becoming final or at a later date
*Vindication claim - the punished person is not obliged to pay the claim, however, we will have the right to bring a claim for payment of a claim for damage to property (detailed information on the request for payment). This claim does not increase the Debtor's indebtedness, however, it causes the Creditor to claim the right to claim the amount of the claim through court proceedings. The creditor may send letters to the Debtor requesting payment of the claim before sending the case to court. The creditor may also summon the Debtor to settle the matter amicably.